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Watch free movies online from these 10 best sites in 2020

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Top 10 best sites to watch free movies online without signing up.

It seems that everyone is interested in watching the most popular and hotest movies and television shows that are out now, but how do you do that for free? Many websites allow you to view the latest films and the newest episodes of television shows without spending a dime.

However, there are a lot of options out there, so it is hard to choose the right one. Here I have compiled a list of the top 10 best sites to watch movies free online.

1.) 123MOVIES

123Movies is one of the trusted sites where you can watch movies, tv-series or any other kind of entertainment media safely and conveniently online for free. It is very user friendly and you don’t need to sign up to use this website.

You can directly visit this website and start watching the available content right away. On this website, you can watch the most recent movies let alone series.

This platform is categorized with different labels so that you can search for any content easily. According to your movie history, the site will suggest other related movies too.

This website doesn’t host anything on its server as other online streamers do. It takes all the content from a third party affiliate sites which makes the site quite legit. WATCH NOW


This is another efficient website which is suitable for those who love to watch old and classical movies online for free. It is also very user friendly and there is no need to sign up therefore, you can watch the content without creating an account on popcornflix.

You can also enjoy free content on any platform whether it is windows, android or IOS.

It generally focuses on old and classical movies but it doesn’t mean you cannot find recent or latest media. Here, you will find all the movies in their original languages with high download speed. WATCH NOW


Fmovies is another great site to watch or stream movies free online. It is based on a modern user interface and is categorized very well.

Sometimes, you may get irritated with the ads but it displays the ads to get revenue as it is not getting any from its customers.

It is advisable to use a Virtual Private Networkor VPN for a good streaming quality and to protect your privacy. You can immediately watch the latest movies on this site. WATCH NOW


GoMovies is another very famous website to watch recent movies and tv series online for free. Here, you will find thousands of updated movies and tv series in many languages.

The main problem of this website is that it shows too many advertisements hence users get annoyed. But if you love watching movies online, you can easily ignore this. WATCH NOW


This is another good quality site where you can watch or stream movies free online. You will find more than 9,000 videos such as tv shows, movies, funny videos and even documentaries. You will also find many different categories on this platform such as country,genre,movies,tv-series and so much more. WATCH NOW


Movie4u is another popular website similarly where you can watch movies free online.

The media available on this website is arranged according to genre and the year in which the content arrived.

You can scroll down in the homepage to find any particular show. You can also watch content on this website in different languages with subtitles and the quality of the content available is in HD. WATCH NOW


Moonline is yet another alternative where you can watch movies online for free.

You can also watch some unscripted dramas over this website. Horror, Animation, Sci-Fi are some of the categories available in this platform.

Here, you will get old classics as well as the latest movies. Streaming qualities available is good and you can find content in many different languages.

It can be another platform to fulfill your cravings for entertainment. WATCH NOW


If you are one of those people who love to watch tv series of every genre then the Watchseries website is the right place for you.Their collection of tv series is huge and you can watch it on any device whether it is Windows, Android or Mac.

But if you can keep up with the ads this might be you favorite movie streaming platform yet. Someone even said they upload movies faster than the Flash can screw up the time line. WATCH NOW


Sony Crackle, formerly known as Crackle, is another great site to watch modern movies and TV shows for free, but like with Popcornflix, you do so with ads.

We know ads can be very annoying, but that’s the trade-off when you don’t want to pay for the film.

If you really like action and thriller movies, and some older TV shows that are hard to find on other platforms, Sony Crackle certainly makes sitting through some ads worth it. WATCH NOW


This is another free and legal site which is supported by advertisements. You can find full episodes, full TV shows, complete series etc. WATCH NOW


YouTube has its share of feature-length films uploaded illegally, and those tend to disappear quickly thanks to YouTube’s algorithms.

Users who attempt this are pretty silly, since YouTube actually offers many movies for free, in addition to the ones available for rent or purchase — you just have to be willing to watch ads with them.

Another way to see what free movies are available, just go to the Movies & Shows channel, available from the YouTube homepage, and click “View All” next to the “Free to watch” category.

These free movies aren’t the most critically acclaimed, but there are a few gems you might enjoy (particularly comedies), and tons of kid-friendly content if you have little ones you want to entertain. WATCH NOW


Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Con TV, Vudu Movies, Veoh, Vimeo, Kanopy, IMDB TV, Free Movie Cinema, Roku Channel and many more.

Streaming has made movie-watching much more fun, even more when it’s free. Fortunately, there are tons of free online movie streaming sites, and all you have to do is sign up for a free account or don’t and bear with the ads along the way.


So these are some of the best sites where you can watch online movies and tv series for free. You don’t need to pay anything and it is advisable to use a VPN whenever you are using any of these websites. VPN allows you to watch online streaming safely and anonymously by extending private network to the public network.

This is the safest way to watch anything online as it makes a tunnel between you and the website. There are many different VPN services available for different devices and platforms.

You can use them according to your device version. Learn more about VPN here.


This content is for reference purposes only and this website does not promote piracy. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the copyright Act of 1957.

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